Our Flagship Product

STARS by Pathmazing

Is an HR tool that increases the engagement level of employees through timely recognition by giving out rewards. This reward​ program is intended to recognize and motivate staff by awarding "Stars"​similar to any loyalty​ program. These​ "Stars" are typically awarded by managers, however, given its flexibility, other staff members may award “Stars” as well - designed to mimic a 360-degree feedback mechanism. Staff members may use their earned or rewarded "Stars" to bid in an auction or redeem rewards via an integrated catalog of prizes.

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Joint Venture

Kazoo App

Location alerts. Real-time GPS location tracking. Location history. Kazoo gives you superpowers. Kazoo can tell you if your child doesn’t arrive at school, or if your significant other is late leaving work. Be notified when the people you care about arrive or leave important places, like work, home or school!

White Label

Tenh Coke App

Powered by Tesjor

Tenh Coke is a B2B online ordering platform for Cambodia Beverage Company (CBC) customers to order products from distributors.


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